Cement and Concrete Instruments

Compaction Factor Apparatus

is used for determining the workability of fresh concrete, provided the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38 mm.The test is particularly useful for concrete mixer of very low workabilty where true slump values are not reliable.

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Laboratory Concrete Mixer

is used to produce uniform and thoroughly mixed batches in laboratory.The counter balanced drum is easy to tilt to produce 1.1/2 to 2 cu.ft.mix. The total drum volume is however 3cu.ft. Mounted on a sturdy rubber tyred stand, and the drum is mounted for end discharge and equipped with end towing pole.Equipped with 1/2h.p. electric motor. Suitable for opperation on 220/230 volts A.C. single phase.

Concrete Mixer and it is suitable to mix 1 cuft to 1.1/2 cft is mounted on two rubber tyred/stand.

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Laboratory Cement Autoclave with stainLess Steel Chamber

The is stutable for conducting accelerated soundness test on cement or the autoclave expansion test requiring constant steam pressure with the correspondent constant pressure.

It Consists of a stainless steel cylinder with a welded heat insulated coils, mounted on a study supporting frame, enclosed in heat inulated metal housing, attractively finished.The attached control unit encloses a sensitive pressure reggulator and pressure gauge, power switch and pilot light for controlling the electric heating units.

Ordinary Laboratory Cement Autolevel with Mild Stell Chamber are Also Available.

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Flow Table IS: 5512

The is used for measuring the consistency of Pozzolanas and also cement mortar and hydrated lime.

mild steel plate 25 mm. thick and 25 cm. square for fixing to the underside of the base.

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Mortar Mixer

is used for mixing cementy pastes, mortars and pozzolanas.

The apparatus consists of an epicyclic type stainless steel paddle imparting both planetary and revolving motion, by means of gears. it has two speeds of 140 + 5 r.p.m. and 285 +10 r.p.m. with olanetary motions of approximately 62 r.p.m. + 5 r.p.m and 125 r.p.m + 10 r.p.m respectively. The stand of mixer has arrangment to raise or lower the bowl. Complete with stainless steel bowl of about six liters capacity.Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, single phase, A.c. supply.

Specification and design are subject to change.

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Shrinkage Bar Mould

is used for casting specimens of cement aggregate combination for measuring the potential expansion alkali reactivity.

Specifications :- The mould, which has 25mm x 25 mm x 250 mm. effective gauge length is made of mild steel and has accurately machined faces.The Parts of the moulds are tight fitting and firmly held together when assembled.Supplied complete with base plate and four stainless steel smooth reference pins. Shrinkage Bar Mould 1. (Two Gang) 2.(Three Gang) 3. (Four Gang).

Specifications and design are subject to change.

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Demountable Mechnical Strain Gauge

is used for finding out the linear deformation Caused on two reference point fixed on a loading member.

Reference Pins in packet of 100 nos.

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Lateral Extensometer

is for determining the lateral extension of 15 cms.dia x 30 cm high cement concrete cylinder while testing them under compression.

A spacer strip is provied to intailly set the dial gauge, and can be removed after intial setting. Supplied in a wooden carring case.

For Specification and Quotation contact us .

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Longitudinal Compressometer

is designed for finding out the deformation and strains on 15 cms. diameter and 30 cms high cement concrete cylinders when subjected to comprssive load.

Specification and design are subject to change.

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Length Comparator

is used to measure the drying shrinkage of concrete autoclave expansion of portland cement and potential expansive reactivity of cement aggregate combination in mortar bars during storage, on self drying.

For specification and Quotation Conatact us.

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Sand Absorption Cone and Tamper

is used for determining the slump of fine aggregrate and bulk and apparant specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregate.

Specification:- The equipment compriess of - A conical meetal mould 1.5 inch dia at the top, 3.5 inch dia at the abse and 2.7/8inch in height.

A metal Tamping rod weighing 12 ounces and having a flat cirular tamping face 1 inch in diameter.

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