Concrete Dam & Tunnel Instruments

Strain Gauge (Vibrating Wire Type)

We are deal in all type strain gauge which used in Tunnel , Dam , Bridge , Piles etc.

The Embedment Strain Gage is designed for the measure Ment of dynamic strains in concrete structure s, earth fills and soilist.

The Strain Gage is designed primarily for Arc welding to steel structures such as tunnel linings,Excavation Bracing, piles and bridge.

The Strain Gage has a 51mm Gage length (3000µε range,1µε sensitivity) and is designed to measure Strains in steel structures and on reinforcement bars Where space may be limited. The gage is installed quickly and easily by means of a capacitive discharge spot welder or for short terms use, with Special bonding using special epoxy adhesives.

These Strain Gages are designed for direct embedment in concrete and is commonly used for strain Measurements in foundations, Piles, bridges, dams, tunnel linings etc.

The Rebar Strain Meter is designed for direct embedment in concrete. These gages are commonly used for measuring strains in foundations, slurry walls, precast piles, caissons, bridge abutments, tunnel liners, etc.

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Embedment Jointmeter

Embedment Joint meter is designed for use across construction Joints such as those between adjacent blocks in a concrete dam.It is normally Embedded across the joint to monitor the expansion or contraction of the joint. The use of internal universal joints allow for a degree of shearing motion.

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is intended to measure movement across surface Cracks and joints. It is installed by grouting, bolting, or bonding two threaded anchors (with ball joints) on opposite sides of the crack and then attaching the ends of the gage of the gage to the anchors.

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Pressure Transducer

The are designed for very low fluid pressure measurements, such as groundwater elevations in wells, water level in streams, weirs, funnels, etc. Changes in water levels of as little as 0.2mm (0.008in.) can be measured. Non vented types can be used as a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure changes.

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Earth Pressure Cell

The are designed to measure total pressure in earth fills and embankments. All cells consist of two Circular air less steels plates welded together around their periphery and spaced apart by a narrow cavity filled with de-aired oil. Changing earth pressure squeezes the two plates together causing a corresponding increase of fluid pressure inside the cell. A vibrating wire pressure transducer converts this pressure into an electrical signal which is transmitted as a frequency via cable to the readout location.

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Inclinometer Probe

Theis used in conjunction wit Inclinometer casing for the measurement of lateral earth Movements which might occur in unstable slopes, landslides, Dam and roadway embankments and landfills. They are also Used to measure deflections in the walls of excavations, shafts, Tunnels and in caissons, piles and sheet piling. The probe consists of a waterproof stainless steel housing containing two force-balanced servo-accelerators with an output of five volts at 30oC(Used in conjunction with the RK-603 Readout Box). A stainless Steel carrying case is optional.

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Vibrating Wire Tilt meter

Theis designed to measure tilt in structures such as buildings, dams and embankments and also for measurement related to the stability of slopes, open pits and the walls of excavations (e.g. slurry walls). The tilt meter is permanently attached to the structure to be monitored and can make measurements on horizontal or vertical surfaces.The reading measured in the data readout box.

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Concrete Stress Meter

The are designed for the measurement of Tangential and radial stresses in shotcrete The cell consist of two rectangular steel plates welded together around the periphery with A de-aired fluid occupying the space between the places. A shot tube Connects the cell to a vibrating wire pressure transducer. A prestressing Tube is provided for expanding the cell after the concrete has cured. Cells of this type are also used for measurements of stress in mass concrete.

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Tape Extensometer

is designed to measure small changes in the Distance between opposite walls or between the roof and floor of excavations, tunnels, or mine openings. It can also be used to monitor deformation in structures and supports and to measure movements of unstable slopes.

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Vibrating Wire Load Cell

consists of a cylinder of High strength,heat treated steel with 3, or 6 vibrating wire strains gages located around the circumference of the cell. Loads applied to the cell are measured by the vibrating wire strain gages. The effects of uneven and eccentric loading are minimized by averaging the output of all 3, or 6 individual readings. The load cell has the same annular design but uses electrical resistance strain gages in a Wheatstone Bridge configuration.

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particularly useful here other types of Vibrating Wire sensors are used and for installations Where long cable runs are required.

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