Hydrological Instruments

Automatic Water Level Recorder

The of our company is the finest example of the latest innovation of technology. The instrument is designed to measure the water level accurately without any instrumental error. The Recorders are enclosed in Weather Proof enclosure which contains Power Supply.  Data Logger with leads to Water Level Sensors. A clamp for mounting Solar Panel to charge Battery complete with Solar Panel.  The Unit is designed to withstand Indian continent environmental conditions.  The measurements of Water  Level Data with date and time are stored automatically in the memory of Data Logger  as per programme set in it.  The enclosure is hard and durable.Data file is saved in Microsoft's Excel, more up to total eight sensors can be attached to the Data logger.

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Water Level Recorder (Radar Type) Sensor

We are manufacturer is automatic,computerized and self contained power supply,Solar panel which atteched with sealed waterproof data logger contained the SMF rechargeable battery gives supply to the Sensor. Radar Type level Sensor work on plus principle a short microwave impulse is emitted.then the sensor rests for a short time.During this time the radar receives the echopic signal refected by the water surface. The run time impluse matched the distance to acual water level.

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Water Level Recorder (Pressure Type) Sensor

The is microcontroller based instrument. The Sensor of Water Level Indicator is attached to Data Logger which is preset to record date, time and readings automatically as per programe set in it. Micro controller is equipped with real time clock. Piezo-resistive silicon Strain Gauge is bounded on a stainless steel diaphragm with integral cable fitted with Barometric Pressure Compensations. Sensors of 10m,35m, 100m,200m and 300m water depths are available with appropriate length of cable. It can be used for Ground Water, Well and Reservoir Water Level.

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Water Level Recorder (Bubbler Type) Sensor

is robust, Economic, accurate proven water level measuring system for monitoring water levels in reserviours.The system is based on a compressed air bubbler system emmitting bubbles at preset regular intervels.The pressure in air bubble tube correspends of depth of water above the exit end of bubble type sensor: this pressure is measured by a precision system to the gauge and given as water depth.These sensors are imported and set with our .

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Water Level Recorder (Shaft Encoded) Sensor

We are manufatcure and supply of. The data is measured and stored in sysytem memory with date and time as per selected options in data logger. The data logger is complete with solar palnel and smf battery to provied regular power supply. Data is saved in mircosoft execle format.

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Water Velocity Meter (Digital Revolution ) Type

We are proud to offer technologically advanced as part of our Hydrological Instruments range.we are offered in Digital Revolution Counter  this Digital Revolution Counter guarantees accurate and precise measurement. : Rev :0- 999 | Time :0-999Sec | LCD Display | Battery Operated | Backup : 150/200 hrs : in working Condition

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Water Velocity Meter (Direct Velocity ) Microcontroller Type

(mirocontroller) has been designed to measure the Velocity of water in flowing stream.It can be used with any calibrated Water Current Meter.We are simply to enter the calibrated equation provided with water current meter and take the water velocity on the 16 x 2 LCD display.Two terminal to connect the different types to current meters sensor are provided on the top.

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Universal Water Current Meter

serves for measuring the current velocity in water course,canals,river and the sea. Velocity measuring Range: 0.04 m/s to 6 m/s. The calibration chart provided with the instrument.This current meter is suspended in the water using a cable with sinking weight or wading rod and will accurately mesure stream flow velocity with muliple propellers. Current Meter Body is made by high quality non-corrosive Brass.

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Propeller Water Current Meter

used for determining velocity of flowing water in open channels and streams has been manufactured to meet the requirements of IS: 3910.The Current Meter consists of the following accessories: - 1. Water Current Meter with one spare pivot 2. Fish weight – 10 kg 3. Tie Bar about 30 cm long 4. Wire Rope 15 meter long with connecting clip Tool Kit (i) Screw Driver-2 Nos. (ii) Spanner Wrench-1No. (iii) Oil can with machine oil-1No. (iv) Duster-1No.

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Cup Type Water Current Meter

is precise measurement of flow is an essential pre-requisite for rational assessment and distribution of available flow and for planning for its utilization of all the methods used for measurement of flow, the most precise in the field is the method where the current meter is used, because of its importance considerable research work has been done during the last five decades for bringing about great improvements in the current meter.It has been manufactured to meet the requirements of IS: 3910 for measuring flow of water in streams, Irrigation Channels and minor canals. The meter is highly sensitive to low velocities.

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Pygmy Type Water Current Meter

has been manufactured to meet the requirements of IS: 3910 for measuring flow of water in shallow streams, Irrigation Channels and minor canals where the depth of water is insufficient for obtaining measurements with standard current meter. It is also used for making velocity measurements of hydraulic models. The meter is highly sensitive to low velocities. It is not used for cable suspension and used with wadding rod provided with a single revolution contact box. It is supplied duly packed in a well-polished wooden box with accessories. The accessories are (i) Wadding rod 120 cm long with base plate and clamp for the current meter (ii) Electric Cable with necessary connection clips and plugs (iii) Screw Driver (iv) Oil can (v) Electronic Counter.

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Bank Operated Cable Way Installation (Gauge and Discharge Site)

has been manufactured to meet the requirements of IS or site conditions. After installation of G & D Site it is very easy to take the Discharge of River , Canal etc .It is the one of the best and safe method to take Discharge.Water Current meter which connect with the fish weight by rod and a cable which known as travesing cable comes over the winch for which we can move the current meter up and down OR forward and backward by winch machine.we give the connection for the Water velocity meter an electronic device which indicate the direct water velocity.

Main Column with Winch Machine

tied to main cloumn is drum type Hand operated. All the drums are for 6 mm dia cables, so any movement to main drum (Traversing cable) will move wire ropes on all drums in same length. The Traversing cable drum can be locked at any desired point, while instrument lowering/raising drum will remain operative and with it the third drum having Data Retrieving cable will run. The traversing cable and Instruments suspending cables passes over length counters and display distance moved or lowered from the preset zeroed starting point. The cable way is used to take the velocities of flowing water in the river at different segments and to determine water depths at these segments, which in turn is used to evaluate Discharge of flowing water. To get water depths and velocities/Sinker weights, water Current meters with Digital Velocity Meter are used. Sepcification can be changed as per project site requirements and winch also modified as per customer requirments.

Cluch Operated Winch Machine

to measure and move the current meter suspending device from one bank to the other of the stream Winch is used. The most suitable compact and Light Weight WINCH has been designed by us. This can be operated manually or by electrical motor. It is very simple safe and compact light weight WINCH. It has been designed with a unique feature of handle operated CLUCH system to engage or disengage the Drum for moving the suspension Device or stopping it instantly. Cluch system is very soft and operated with slight force by hand. The CLUCH system is trouble free and safe. Using this winch, the current meter with sinker weight upto 100Kg., on suspending device can be moved horizontally with an accuracy of 0.1m in segments/Verticals and Vertically up or down at any particular distance from WINCH end with an accuracy of 0.01m. on the two counters attached on the winch. According to user requirements and site conditions the specifications of Winch can be modified and designed.

Silt Lab Equipments

We are giving for measuring the silt analysis and TDS, PH Value, Dissolved Oxygen, Water temprature etc.The lab is installed at a proper location near the Site.

We give all the standered equipment as per requirments and give training to site Staff for measuring silt parameters.

We also give the report of of the silt collected from the sampling site from the recognised goverment Department.


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Water Level Indicator

is used to determine water depth in bore holes & Open wells. In the Standard unit two corecable marked with meter spooled on handy and portable spool fitted with metallic electrode and LED display and aurdible tone with in built 9V battery Standard cable lenght available are 30m, 50m, 90m, or as per site requirments. It is light in weight and portable, Digital Water Level Indicator are aslo avialable.

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Multi Parameter Water Quality Instrument

Measure pH, Iron concentration, Salinity, Total Dissolve Solids (TDS), Dissolve Oxygen (DO). Water Temperature, Auto-Calibration, Data Logging Options with time/date indexed (500 data sets), GLP compliance; Simultaneous Display and measurement of 4parameters; Cal-due alarm; pH slope/offset Display & Self-diagnostic.

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Sediment Silt Sampler (Punjab Type)

This is (punjab type) most common type of suspended sediment sampler it consists of a metallic one liter capacity bottle held vertically in the metallic frame at one of a adequate length of pipe with lever attached to the lower end and a flexible wire running with the help of one spring and lever for opening and closing the mouth of bottle fitted with rubber cock during sampling. The sampler has advantages, of low cost, simplicity in design and operation.

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Eco Sounder

Multi-function in small body and reasonable cost makes small professional fish boats as well as pleasure craft affordable, high resolution color LCD offer clear viewing. Hardness of bottom indicated by digit and graph helps you finding fish efficiently. As it is operated by internal batteries, you can install and use at any place, and you can carry it freely as it is packed in breaf case. avalibale depth range: 0-3, 0-5, 0-8, 0-10, 0-15, 0-20, 0-30, 0-40, 0-50, 0-60, 0-70, 0-80, 0-100, 0-125, 0-150, 0-200. Display: 4.3"TFT Color LCD.

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The Suspended Solids Analyser

is a state of the art easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff. It is a unique system that combines advanced electronic with a solid-state optical sensor. It is a multi range indicator designed for the measurement of suspended solids in aqueous solutions. The microprocessor-based electronics of the indicator provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. Data logging and the ability to download the data directly to a computer are optional features.

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Puri's Siltometer

the samples of sediment collected by usual methods (say suspended sediment as per I.S.: 4890-1968), have to be analyzed for grain size distribution Corase grade sediment (particle size grater than 0.6 mm) is analyzed by sieve analysis where as the analysis of the portion sediment that passes 600 Micron I.S. Sieve, can be done by one of the following methods. 1. Pipette method 2. Hydrometer method 3. Siltometer method 4. Bottom withdrawel tubes.

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Measuring Crain

This is manufactured for lowering and taking heavy instruments like- water current meter along with fish weight for measuring the velocity of water and also measuring the sediment silt by equipment silt sampler.This crain is easy to move from one place to another place and made from angle section after pression study.Crain boom is move around on vertical axis and boom is kept parallel to surface of road, bridge, or boat when we operated on crubs or side walks.It can be folded to make easy for transportation and fix it very easily at another side.

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Mechanical Barometer

Digital Barometer

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River Staff Gauge

River Staff Gauge useful for the manual measurment of River / Lake Water Level / Canal. Different sizes and types for river Staff Gauge are avalible with us.

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