• Know Your Weather at Any Where You Wants with Multiple Sensors "We are Giving you Automatic Weather station with user friendly window based software for which you can take weather data in Excel Format.We Can fetch the Data of the following Sensors such as Air Temparature & Humidity,Wind Direction,Wind Speed,Snow Gauge,Solar Radtion,Rain gauge etc...
  • We are also make mechanical based meteorological equipments Such as" Cup Counter Anemometer , Stevenseen Screen , Rain Gauge , Pan - Evaporation , Wind Vane , Snow Gauge etc..."
  • " Cable Way Installation are used with OTT cable-suspended current meters for flow measurements. The cable-suspended current meter is positioned into the desired measuring point cross section by means of double-drum winch, trolley and meter cable with this the procedure of flow measurement will become quicker, more accurate , and safer " and "Also Given the River Discharge Report verifed by Department of Hydrology ,IITR."
  • We are manufauturer and Supplier of Hydrological Instruments." We are make the Automatic Digital Water Level Recorder with Following Sensors (Radar Type, Bubbler, Pressure Type) and Water Current Meter , Water Level Indicator , Water Velocity Counter etc... more information go to the Meteorological instrument "
  • We are supplier of both type Indian and Imported Geological instruments following are " Brunton Compass , Geological Bag , Hammers multi types , Hand Lance , Note Book , Altimeter etc... "
  • We are dealing in all type of Survey Instruments such as " Theodolite , Auto Level , Drawing Board , Mini Drafter , Compass , Timer ect... "
  • We are manufacturer & Supplier of Soil & Concrete Instrument which is following as " Compression Proving Rings , Slump Test Apparatus , Liquid Limit Device , Cub Moulds , Compaction , Comprassion Testing Machine , Vibrating Machine for more Information check the soil & Concrete
  • " We are Specialists in Dam Safety Testing Equipments. We are in this filed more than 30 years.We are Leading manufacturer and Supplier in all type Piezometerse either Concrete Dam or Earthen. Embedment Strain Gauge , Crankmeter, Joint Meter , Vibrating Wire Type etc... "


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