Soil Testing Instruments

Core Cutter

is used for determination of in situ dry density of natural or compacted fine grained not fee from aggregates. A cylindrical cutter is used to extract a sample of the soil the help of a dolley and rammer. From the weight, density and the moisture, the by density of the soil is readily calculated.

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Harvard Miniature Compactor

is for determining the moisture density relation of soil. In this apparatus, small quantity sample is compacted under kneading action of the spring loaded tamper set where at 10 kg or 20kg. As the sample required is very small, a number of tests can carried out, each time taking a fresh sample. The time required for compaction is very much less. The mould can be interchangeably used with miniature field permeameter where permeability tests can be conducted at high pressures.

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Miniature Field Permeameter

For determining the permeability characteristics of soils, solidified soils and rock high pressure permeability studies can be carried out. The complete outfit comprises:- 50mm diameter x100mm high and collar, top plate, base plate with recess stone and porous stone, indicator pipette, 6mmx300mm long, Reservoir 7kg/cm gauge, valves, flow control regulator and foot pump.

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of soil in the field is done using rolling machines, it is important to know O.M.C. and M.D.D. values. Standard Compaction test is used to determine in laboratory optimum moisture contents (O.M.C) and maximum dry density (M.D.D) of soil, which represents field samples.

Compacted soils have increasing use in embankment of dams, highways, railways etc. in recent years in order to meet current heavy traffic on runways and highways, heavy duty field compacting equipment has come into use and in view or reproducing greater densities, heavy compaction tests using heavy compaction apparatus have been developed.

(1) Standard Compaction Test. (2) Heavy Compaction Test.

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Universal Automatic compactor

Now-a- days almost every soil laboratory conducts compaction and penetration tests on soils. In both standard and heavy compaction tests the operator has to count the mechanically cum electrically operated automatic compaction A mechanically cum electrically operated automatic compactor is therefore devised to eliminate tedious hand compaction process. Which also considerably saves time with the rammers provided two stroke lengths, available; the compactor can be used for normal compaction/heavy compaction as well as C.B.R. compaction

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Miniature Compaction Apparatus

is used for rapid determination of moisture content dry density relation using a constant weight of dry soil passing throu 75 micrometer IS sieve.

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Relative Density

This equipment is used for the determination of the relative density of cohesion less fee draining soil and meets the essential requirements of IS 2720

The determine moisture contents in soil and other material. These are made from aluminum or stainless steel Sizes available are (a) 25mm dia, (b) 50mm dia (c) 75mm dia (d) 80mm dia and (e) 100mm dia.

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Pocket Penetrometer

instrument is used to estimate approximate unconfined compressive strength and the estimation of shear strength of soil. Cohesive soils can be in terms of consistency using this penetrometer. This is a handy and convenient instrument.

useful to determine specific gravity of clays, sand and gravel of size smaller than 10mm.

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Vicksberg Penetrometer

is for determining the bearing capacity of sub grades or for compaction control. It also used for rapidly determining the penetration resistance of soils in shallow exploration work.

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Proctor Needles

are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field standard compaction curves showing moisture contents versus densities are drawn in laboratory using standard compaction method and penetration of the proctor needles are correlated. Proctor needles are also known as proctor penetrometers.

(1) Proctor Needles (Spring Type) (2) Proctor Needles (Hydraulic Type)

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North Dakota Cone

This test is simpler and more rapid than the C.B.R. test and can be easily applied for insitu field test. This was developed by North Dakota Highway Deptt. For use with pavement design method similar to that associated with C.B.R. test.

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