Soil Testing Instruments

Rapid Moisture Meter

for quick determination of moisture content of materials in powder form viz. soil sand, coal, pottery slip, cement etc.

Rapid Moisture Meter 0-25%

Rapid Moisture Meter 0-50%

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Soil Testing Kit

a very useful kit to determine on the spot pH value. This is a compact kit easy to carry on site. Consists of :- 12 thick walled test tubes with rubber bungs. 1 tube cleaning brush. 1 bottle of barium sulphate (100 gm) 1 bottle of soil indicator (100 gm) 1 bottle of distilled water (500 gm) 1 spatula, 1 colour chart, range 4.0 to 8.0 pH in 0.5 pH steps. Complete with carrying case.

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Consolidation Apparatus

consolidation test is unidimentional test considered extremely important in soil mechanics. Sample taken from adjacent areas of a single site show differential settlement even when tested using sane techniques.

Soil of similar strength may show varying consolidation. Sample are very carefully prepared and vertical settlement of the specimen in saturated or drained condition carefully recorded when know load is applied.

(1) Consolidometer Cells (Floating Ring TYpe)

(2) Consolidation Apparatus apparatus(3 Gang Model/6 Gang Model)


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Direct Shear Apparatus

information of Shear values plays an important role in the design of sub-structures in determination bearing capacity of soils, design of retaining walls, instability calculation of earth slopes etc.

Various Shear Apparatus are available and Direct Shear Apparatus is one of them. In Direct Shear test specimen contained in a box is subjected to a constant normal load and increasing horizontal load is applied to the upper section of the specimen. Shear force and load are directly measured.

(1) Direct Shear Apparatus (Hand Operated)

(2) Direct Shear Apparatus (Motorized/Single/six/12 Speeds)

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Sampling Augers

are used to collect disturbed soil sample at reasonal depth for laboratory test. Augers are available in two types and each in different sizes. Blade type (posthole type) and Helical type(screw type).Each auger outfit consists one each of Auger head, one meter long rod, Tee piece and handle. Depth of excavating can be increased by using-additional extension rods.

(1) Posthole Type. (2) Screw Type.

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Sampling Tubes

– for collecting undisturbed sample of 38 mm dia for Triaxial Shear Strength and Unconfined Compressive strength either straight from the field or from a sample of larger diameter. The wall thickness is maintained approximately 1.6 mm with an area ratio approximately 17 percent. Both relieved and unrelieved sampling tubes are available. In the relieved type of tube, the internal diameter is relieved is relieved by about 0.5mm (Inside clearance 2%) beyond approx. 19mm length from the cutting edge of the tube. This is most suitable for highly cohesive soils. In the unrelieved type, the internal diameter is uniform throughout. This type is most suitable for soils of low cohesion. These 38mm dia tubes are available in different lengths.

Undisturbed samples of soil at different depth can be collected using these sampling tubes. The kit includes all necessary implements for boring, collection and sealing with wax. The operation may be carried out either using a tripod stand or without it. The equipment is supplied in a canvas carrying bag.

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Extractor Frame Hydraulic

This extractor Frame is used for taking out soil sample compacted or undisturbed, from 100mm dia and 150mm dia cylinder such as core cutters, proctor moulds, C.B.R. moulds etc.

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Extractor Frame Universal

designed to extract specimens form almost every type of sampling tube and mould used in soild engineering laboratory or in the field. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally as desired. It has unique feature that three 38mm diameter samples can be collected into three 38 diameter tubes from one 100mm dia sample.

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Dames and Moore Sampler

Highly useful for sampling soils. The Sample collects into rings inside the sampler. These rings along with the specimen can be directly placed in ac consilidometer cell assembly, thereby reducting the number of operations to extract the sample from a sampler, trimming to size and transferring into the ring etc. the possible disturbance in these operations is eliminated.

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Piston Sampler

useful for collecting undisturbed samples from soft to stiff clay and sand.

Till the desired depth is reached the bottom of piston is kept flushed with the cutting edge of the sampler and on reaching desired depth only the sampling tube is forced into the soil keeping piston fixed in ground and then collecting the sample in the tube. The under pressure developed in the sampler while the sample tube advance, holds the collection sample.


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