Soil Testing Instruments

Load Frames

are used to apply load on the test specimen. The Capacity and speed depends on the requirement of a particular test. Load frames are used in C.B.R. Triaxial, Unconfined Compression Test Etc. RKEC Load Frames are available in various models. The Rate of loading is constant in electrically operated Load Frames and Load Frames with multi strains are also available.

(1) Load Frame (Hand Operated) (2) Bench Mounting Type Load Frame

(3) Load Frame 5000 KGF. (Motorised) with 3 speeds/ 10speeds/ 30 speeds

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Split Spoon Sampler

is used for Standard penetration Test. For Determining penetration resistance (N Value) of soil which can be related to unconfined Compressive strength. Penetration resistance (N value) of soil is determine by giving a number of blows with a 65 kg weigth failing through a given distance of 75cm required to penetration the assembly to a depth of 30cm, When properly seated on the ground.

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Static Cone Penetrometer

extensive use of static cone penetrometers was originally made in Holland where buildings are constructed in areas mostly reclaimed from the sea-bed. Research work has also been done in recent year to correlate Static Cone Test Result with the Standard (Dynamic) Penetration test results, resulting in widely different correlation factors depending upon local geological history. The static Cone Penetration Test is also used for predetermining the length and estimating the load carrying capacities of piles passing through soft-compressible stratas and resting upon hard clays, sands or gravel. The Penetration resistance of the cone has nearly the same value as the load which can be carried by the actual pile per unit area of the pile tip. By using the additional friction jacket with the standard equipment, identification of various soil types penetrated is also possible.

(1) Static Cone Penetrometer 3000 kg. Capacity. (Hand Operated)

(2) Static Cone Penetrometer 98 KN (10000 KGF) (ENGINE DRIVE)

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Vane Shear

soft and sensitive soil whose shear strength is less than 15 KN/m2 , the results are dependent on operator’s skill.

Even pushing the sample tubes in soil may cause some disturbance. Experience shows that carefully controlled compression test result can be related to figures measuring the Force, required for maximum resistance.

Vane Shear test can be conducted in a laboratory or in the field.

(1) Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus (Hand Operated/Motorised)

(2)Pocket Vane Shear Apparatus.

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In Situ Vane Shear Test

is designed for conducting in suit vane shear teat from bottom of bore hole in saturated cohesive deposits for determining their in place shearing resistance.

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Test sieve is common Laboratory requirement. Sieves are used for sieving of chemical powders, medical powders, aggregate, sand, soil and cement etc.

These sieve are manufactured as per various standards like ISS., BSS, ASTM, DIN etc. In civil Engineering it is a common practice to use sieves for gradation and particle size determination.

'RKEC' manufactures brass frame and G.I Frame Sieves of dia 200mm, 300mm and 450mm. Normally brass sieves are manufactured in 200cm dia and frame is spun brass, joistless. The Sieves cloth used is standard SS or phosper bronze wire mesh.

The G.I. Frames sieves manufactured normally in size 300mm dia or 450mm dia have a steel perforated sheet having accurately punched square holes.

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Sieve Shakers

device can be used for ores, refractory material, minerals, aggregates, pigments, powdered coal, soap, cement, roofing material, plastic moulding powders, and metal powders, in short wherever sieving is applied. In a soil laboratory this instrument has its own important as it saves a considerable amount of time and lab our, besides giving perfect sieving. Sieve Shakers are either electrically operated or Hand Operated.

for 20cm dia,30 cm dia:- this is a light, portable but sturdy sieves shaker suitable for bench mounting.

to make process of sieving simpler and quicker, rotap sieve Shaker is Useful. This produces circular shaking of the sieves. At the same time the sieves are tapped. The Mechanism for in parting circular action and tapping is oil immersed in a tank and is motorized. The Shaker can accommodate upto 7 Nos. Sieves of dia 100mm or 200mm. suitable Operation on 230 Volts A.C. Single phase.

carries upto 7 sieve of 150mm or 200mm diameter. The Shaker is driven by a ¼ h.p. motor through a reduction gear immersed in oil.

is Yodar type, motor driven sieve Shaker for carrying out wet sieve analysis of materials.

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Plate Bearing Test

is for estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in suit and for the design of flexible pavement. In the test procedure a steel plate is subjected to gradually increasing load and settlements of the plates recorded.Maximum bearing capacity is noted as that load at which the plate starts sinking rapidly.

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Compression Proving Rings

rare used for load measurements and used in the outfit of a number of soil/cement & Bitumen Testing Equipments like Direct Shear Test apparatus, Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus, C.B.R. Test, Unconfined Test, Marshall Test etc.

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Laboratory Ovens

RKEC Laboratory ovens are manufactured in different sizes and with different interior material. The Oven are of double walled construction. Outer wall is mild steel internal chamber is available in mild Steel or Aluminum or Stainless Steel. 'RKEC' ovens are well insulated with glass wool. The Heating is from bottom heaters made of nichrome wire, temperature Range 50degree to 240degree C accurately controlled within +/- 2 degree C thermostatically. A three heat control switch provides faster initial heating. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, A.C. single phase.

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