Geological Instruments

Geological Hammers

The Forged, one-piece soild steel. Nylon-vinyl grip, Estwing Chisel-Edge Rock Pick, 6",12 oz.Head

The Forged, one-piece solid steel, Fully polished finish. Nylon-vinyl grip. Head Length7-1/8". Overall Length 11-1/4".


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Estwing Pointed-Tip Rock Picks


Forged, one-piece solid steel. Nylon-vinyl grip, Estwing Pointed-Tip Rock Pick, 6", 14 oz. Head

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Estwing's Crack Hammers

have a bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip® which offers the utmost in both comfort and durability,while reducing vibrations caused by impact. Estwing hammers are the only hammers that can make this claim. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have an attractive blue UV coating, both faces are fully polished.For use with chisels, punches, star drills and hardened nails. Permits heavy blows with limited swing.

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Brunton(R) Eclipsea Pro Compass

"circle over circle" alignment system of this compass assures accurate reading every time in addition, a round bubble level allows for more accurate strike and dip measurements. The compass features three inclinometer systems: card inclinometer (±50 accuracy with 50 resolutions), hinge inclinometer (±50 accuracy with 50 resolutions), and graduated dial inclinometer (±10 accuracy with 10 resolutions). The revolutionary body design is lightweight and rugged. The compass also features adjustable declination; professional field reference cards; magnified read out read out; a map magnifier; and USGS 1:24,000 feet, mile, UTM, and meter scales. Lanyard included. Accuracy ±10 .Resolutions:10. Dimensions: 4.1"x2.50 x 1".

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Brunton(R) GEO International Geological Structural Transit

This is this transit's single NdFeB magnet resists demagnetization better than other types of magnets for increased reliability. The induction damped needle provides quick, accurate readings while the sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement. Two long-level bubbles on the aluminum housing permit no-guess leveling from the sides or the bottom, O-rings make the transit waterproof. Other features include adjustable needle locking mechanism with two positions, hinge inclinometer with 20 increments for 10 readable dip measurements, and "Buck Horn" style sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles. Leather case included. Lifetime warranty from Brunton. Horizontal angles: 0-3600 (Azimuth) or 0-90-00 (Quadrant), 10 graduation. Vertical angles: ±10 100% grade, 5% divisions. Declination adjustment.

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Brunton (R) Original 15 Compass

This mirror-sighting compass has graduations every 2 degree, a clinometers, adjustable declination, and luminous points. The Azimuth model features 1:24,000, and 1:50,000 scales,and the Quadrant model feature 1:24,000, 1:25,000,and 1:50,000 scales. Lanyard and declination toll included. 3.9" x2.5" x 7.5".

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The Point Load Index Tester

can be used to simultaneously characterise rock for blastability and comminution processes. In a Point Load Test, a sample of rock is mounted between two pointed platens and pressure is applied until failure of the sample occurs. The peak applied load is recorded and used to calculate the Point Load Index.

Fast and low cost core strength index.

We modified the instrument as per capacity.

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brazaillian test apparatus

instrument is designed to test specimens from 50 mm dia to 100 mm dia having thickness equal to half of the diameter. A pair of loading jaws, designed so as to contact a disc shaped sample at diametrically opposed surfaces over an arc of contact of about 10 degrees at failure, is supplied. The set of jaws supplied with the equipment is designed for 50 mm dia specimen and therefore it is essential to order jaws for required sizes, if the samples of other diameters are to be tested. A set of plain platens are provided with the jack to enable testing of cube and circular specimens.

Flexural Strength Measurement

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